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Errors with CF 8.0.1 hotfix 3 and hotfix 4, "Object Instantiation Exception.Class not found"

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We need to get our servers up to date with the latest ColdFusion hotfixes in order to pass our security scans and policies. We have been following the Adobe instructions for installing the hotfixes, but we’re getting the same errors each time. The CF 8 hotfix 2 works fine, but once we install hotfix 3 and/or hotfix 4, we get the following errors:
"Object Instantiation Exception.Class not found: coldfusion.security.ESAPIUtils The specific sequence of files included or processed is: C:\ColdFusion\wwwroot\WEB-INF\exception\java\lang\Exception.cfm, line: 12 "
We have dozens of servers running Windows XP, Netscape Enterprise Server 6.1 (I  know, don’t laugh), ColdFusion 8,0,1,195765, and Java Version 1.6.0_04. Just about  the only good thing about running XP on our servers is that it matches  our development boxes, so we have almost mirrored environments for dev,  test, and production. We do NOT have the CF install with the J2EE configuration.
The crazy thing is, on tech note 51180 (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/511/cpsid_51180.html), it says that the fix for bug # 71787 (Fix for "Object Instantiation Exception" thrown when calling a Java object constructor or method with a null argument under JDK 1.6.) was added in cumulative hotfix 2. However we don’t see this problem until we go to hotfix 3 (or 4).
I’ve also been reading that other people had this same problem, and that the CF 8 hotfix 3 was not compatible with certain versions of JDK, then when you read the Adobe site for CF 8.0.1 hotfix 3, it says “Added the updated cumulative hotfix to make it compatible with jdk 1.4.x, 1.5.x and 1.6.x.”, so that makes me think that Adobe was supposed to have fixed this CF 8.0.1 hotfix 3 JDK incompatability issue - but unfortunately it's still not working for us. We have followed the instructions for removing the jar files and starting/restarting the CF server as directed, we’ve tried this 5-6 times, and still no luck.
Recommendations? Seems like this is a ColdFusion bug to me – one that says is fixed on the Adobe site, but is not fixed in our environment. Please advise, thanks.


For what it's worth, we had an MXUnit user describe a similar, though not identical, problem after installing the latest hotfixes. In his case, he's getting "NoSuchMethodExceptions".

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