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Errors on my web site started with Flash Player Release a few days ago (Mar 28, 2012)

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I have a Flash based video player on my website.  This was designed and implemented based on an article vy Lisa Larson-Kelley.  It has run flawlessly for several years.  But, when I installed the lastest release of Flash Player a fedw days ago (Mar 28, 2012), I am now getting really annoying issues with the Flash Video Player.
I expect that I will need to place insturctions for users on how to roll back their version of Flash Player, since this latest version is broken.
But, many of the people who visit my site are not tech oriented (they are mostly friends and family, so, I don't expect that they will really roll back their version of Flash player.
I am 100% certain the issue is the latest version of Flash, since these errors never occurred until I installed the latest version. 
On my work laptop, I have an older version of Flas (10.x.x) and this probelm does not happen.  On my desktop PC at home, I have an older version of Flash 11 installed, and this problem does not happen (in IE9).  The version of Flash PLayer 11 where the issue does *not* occur is
On that same desktop PC, if I use Chrome, (which automatically defaults to the latest version of Flash which is, I get the problems.  So, there is no question that the issue is with the latest version of Flash and not my hardware or drivers.  I get the same problems on three different computers.
My website has a username and password.  If someone from Adobe wants to replicate the problem send me an e-mail and I will send you the username and password.
The videoplayer on my website is at this url:  http://www.jjjhi.com/TryMakingFlashVidPlayer/VideoPlaylist.html (but, you will need the username and password).
The issue is that sometimes (not always) when you select a video to play, inistead of the video loading into the panel as it should (sized as 1025 x 578), instead, all you see is the control skin.  The video begins to play, but all you get is the audio.  It looks like this:
You can recover from this error by using the skin control to make the image full screen, but, the video looks poor at fulls screen, because it is created at 1024 x 578.  You can then get the correct size by returning from full screen, but, I don't want the pepole who visit my cif\deo playet to have to go all through that.  Especially since most won't even know enough to try making the video full screen.
This doesn't happen for every video on my web site, but, once it *does* happen once...it will happen for every video selection you make.
This is unacceptable, and it absolutely a function of Flash version
Adobe:  Please fix this bug as soon as possible.
I've implemented an HTML5 based video player and have begun populating it with mp4 versions of my video clips, but, quite honestly, the playback using HTML5 is much worse than with Flash.  I encoded the clips in the HTML5 player with the same Variable Bit Rates as in the F4V clips, and, in the HTML5 player, there are missed frames, and the audio can get out of sync.  So, I *want* to keep using my Flash Based video player, but...if Adobe doesn;t fix this, I will just dial down my VBR till I find one that is slow enough to play in HTML5 and ditch Flash.
My HTML5 video player is here:
(again you need the username and password to use it, send me an e-mail and I will give them to you, I just don't want to post them in an open forum).
Here is a bitmap of the page:  It is quite snazzy looking and is based on an excellent class from Chris Converse at Lynda.com.  But, even though it is 'snazzy looking' the HTML5 player performs poorly on an under-powered machine (like my work laptop).  It uses 100% CPU and misses frames and the audio loses sync.  The same videos encoded with the same VBR for Flash (F4V) play great, *except for the new issue described above!!!!)
I Adobe can fix this issue with Flash Player  ASAP, else, I will  have to 'downgrade' to an HTML5 based video player, that, quite honestly does not perform as well as Flash.
If you want to reproduce the problem contact me at my e-mail address: [email protected] and I'll send you the username and password.
You can then prove that the problem does not exist with prior version of Flash player (before but *does* exist with this latest buggy release.


I sent the username and PW to you and Chris.

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