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Error involving Report Generation Toolkit and Labview Run Time Engine

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Developed an application using LabVIEW 6.1 and LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office 1.0.1. From there, tried to build a shared application for use with the LabVIEW Run Time Engine. The Run Time version functions properly until "New Report.vi" is called and then an error is generated, code 7, calling out "Open VI Reference in New Report.vi" could not be found. When building the application, I did include the "NI Reports Support" in the advanced installer options. The machine used for original development and application build is running Windows XP Pro and Office XP. Any suggestions??


I am having the exact same problem but with LV 6.1 and M/S WORD 2000. It appears that the "New Report.vi" is trying to open "C:\APP.DIR\Word_Open.vi" and "C:\APP.Dir\Word_Open_Document.vi" by reference. The "OFFICE 2000.TXT" says that "_exclsub.llb and _wordsub.llb must be added as support files when building an application or a dynamic link library with the application builder." I added them as Support Files and I copied them to the "C:\TESTER\" where the TESTER.EXE is and I still get ERROR 7 in "NEW REPORT.VI" at VI OPEN REFERENCE.
Do I need to make a "C:\TESTER\DATA\" sub-dir and put the support files there?
I am building on MY COMPUTER on F: Drive on a network and transporting files to the real Tester.
I displayed my App.Property of APP.DI
R at start up and it is C:\TESTER\ ! How would my application know that "Word_Open.vi" and "Word_Open_Document.vi" are actually inside the _wordsub.llb?
Any ideas ?
Greg Klocek

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