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Error in response msg

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Scenario : Synchronous
In response mapping, I am checking for a field "succesful flag". if its not true, I am generating a error message in PI by not mapping to target node.
This s hw I want and it generates a alert
Had i not done this, it will take the error and display on ERP. Now with my current mapping there is no error message seen in ERP.
My question is, is it possible to generate email alert in PI by checking status indicator and still able to pass the error message in the response to target ERP system?
Please dont send me Michal's alert creation blog. If someone has tested it please let me know.


Hi Venkat,
I donot know how we can achieve from alert, we can acheive the requirement by developing a custom adapter module.
Once the mapping is perform, on receiver side develop a module
     1. Read the content of the field "Successful flag" in the module.
     2. Check the status of the flag, if its not true generate the email alert and let the normal processing as it is.
Note: Donot throw exception in the Module.
As your requirement is on response time, add the module after the standard SAP module.
appreciate if useful.

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