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Error in HTTP to file scenario

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Hey guys
we have a HTTP to file scenario in which our client has to send the Invoices over HTTP in XML format,when we test the scenario from within our landscape we are getting the output file correctly but when we test from the client site,we get an error message saying that the file has missing semi colon (,the URL which we are getting from the local HTTP client is something like this
and the one which we are getting from the client is
why am i getting this error?


Hey guys
i m having a very strange problem with my scenario,we are doing a HTTP to file scenario,now as both the sender and receiver have same structure i havent done any mapping,client is sending XML over HTTP from another location which is not in our landscape,he is using web methods Business connector .when he send us the XML message to our XI server some stuffs are added at the top of the payload,its something like this
these are actually the parameters which are used in the URL to send the XML to us.but because of this i m unable to process the XML .
so my XML looks something like this
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Invoice transactionPurposeIndicator="Original">
          <VendorNumber>VENDOR #</VendorNumber>
but when i try this scenario from within our landscape it works fine and nothing is added on top of XML.
they are sayin that nothin extra is being added from thr side and their XML does not have the extra addition on top.
how should i solve dis problem?
its urgent

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