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Eprint sign-up gets error "ajax submit failed: error = 403, forbidden"

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Trying to create an account at eprintcenter.com; get above error every time.  No other warnings or errors.  Not sure if I have something it doesn't like (screen name? password?)
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I just viewed the website on my computer, and it appears to be working okay on my end. It's possible that there's a setting in your web browser responsible for what you're seeing. I would recommend trying the following steps:
1. Try to view the site in a different web browser to see if that's the issue. Normally, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all display the website properly. Try one or two of those (other than the one you've been using) and it should do the trick.
2. If that doesn't work, try resetting Internet Explorer's default settings by clicking "Tools" (on the top menu bar), "Internet Options" (usually at the bottom of that list), "Advanced" (far-right tab), and "Reset" (towards the bottom-right of that box). After resetting the defaults, try viewing the ePrint Settings area again.
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