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Email retrieval (pop) N95 8GB

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I have configured my Gmail account and have managed to retrieve only some old email, the newer ones won't push through. Also I don't seem to be able to send email via Gmail.
It must be configured right, I've set it for automatic retrieval now but when I got the old messages earlier I retrieved them by pressing the "retrieve email".
Is it possible to have them push through automatically like I did with my old E65 or do I have to request them each time?


there are two kinds of automatic retrieval, Polling and IMAP IDLE. these are not well differentiated in the software and are labeled like this:
Email notifications (this is IMAP IDLE)
Email retrieval (this is polling on a schedule)
which one did you enable? if it is the first one (notifications) then, someone please correct me if i'm wrong, this is only going to function with IMAP (rather than POP) access. you can easily enable IMAP in gmail, just like you enabled POP.
if you chose the second option, 'retrieval' then you should see new mails arrive on the schedule chosen (5 minutes is the most frequent available option on my N95-1). if this is the option you chose, then it's the right option for POP access. if the messages are failing to arrive, then perhaps there is an issue with the access point you've defined for automatic retrievals?
i've never owned an E series device, can't say anything about the comparison of how they work or why the same procedure doesn't result in the same functionality across the two devices - but i CAN say that using the IMAP protocol, and 'Email notifications' works properly on my N95-1, with one major exception.
the only issue i have is that the mail client must be connected at all times in order to receive new mail notifications. this is true of other mail clients (even, ie Blackberry email requires this, just the connection can be hidden from the user as it is a dedicated service). no problem, open messaging, connect to gmail, sit back and enjoy the inbound message notifications.... but if the connection drops for any reason (ie: on edge and place/receive a call; on 3g and travel through an area of limited/no service; etc) the mail client doesn't even try to re-establish the connection. so, if the connection is dropped you get no new notifications because you aren't connected to gmail's servers anymore. this is where 'email retrieval' might be better, because it fires on a timer, effectively guaranteeing that you won't be offline longer than the interval you've setup.
i wish they allowed both to function simultaneously: enable notifications so if you're connected you get push email; enable retrieval so if you're offline the mail client will reconnect after X minutes. sadly there's no way to legitimately do this with the native mail client.
if you're still awake after my dissertation on mail settings, i congratulate you. i'm done procrastinating (should be working), so you're safe from more long-winded responses for the rest of the night.
N95-1 ---> N97-NAM ---> N900 ---> E7-00 + N900 (I use them both)
(N95 was pretty good, N97 had potential but utterly failed to deliver, N900 is absurdly good. Those of you wondering, "should I try N900/Maemo/MeeGo"? The answer is a resounding YES)

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