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Email Attachment Cut off

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I'm posting this in the Access Forum, but it may be an Outlook issue, I'm not sure.
When running a report in Access it will display correctly in Access, but when emailed in PDF the right side of the report appears to be cut off. On some computers we removed the printers and reinstalled the printers and that fixed the issue. However we have
a few people who work at home and due to sensitive information they are not allowed to print. All printer services are restricted so I don't have the option of using that method to correct it for them. Now I need to understand exactly why this is happening
so we can address the source of the problem instead of using a workaround. Does anyone know why this happens and what needs to be fixed in order to resolve the issue?


This may be due to a computer having no printers installed. That is a bad idea because reports may use a printer driver to get some metrics. In lieu of that Windows has to guess, and it may be guessing wrong. Also keep in mind that emailing a report as a
pdf attachment may involve "printing" to a pdf file, then attaching that file.
So the information is SO sensitive it cannot be printed but it can be previewed (and a screenshot can be taken) and it can be sent as an attachment. Interesting security model.
-Tom. Microsoft Access MVP

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