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Email and Internet add on

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hi, i hope that someone can help me,
i have a blackberry curve 9300 and none of the blackberry add ons such as app world, email and bbm work. I have contacted my network provider and i am paying for the internet and email add on that should allow me to do these things. I have been told by my service provider to ask blackberry as i am paying. When i try to use these services the phone tells me that it is having toruble connecting and i need to verify my network connections. I have checked and it says that these items are not connected, how do you connect them?
thank you


Hello !
Is your phone showing you EDGE or 3G or BlackBerry Logo on your homescreen near your Network Signal?
If yes, then ask your service provider that you are facing problem with your BlackBerry Internet Service(BIS) plan (if you have activated).
Hope this resolves your Problem!
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