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Edit the Master-Page from all blogs in mysite

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I am currently setting up mysite. I was able to configure the mysite-masterpage for all profiles, but I can't seem to change the masterpage for the blog! What is the best way to change the masterpage from all blogs?


Allright, I've found some time to look into the whole design again, and I can see what the problem with this solution is.
With the solution mentioned above, new created subsites under the masterpage are set up with the declared masterpage. The problem here is, that with my personal profile-links ... (f.e)
http://servername/my/personal/user1 ->
http://servername/my/personal/user2 ->
http://servername/my/personal/user3 ->
... the blogs are always created under a different site as a subsite.
I'm going to specify my whole reason for it, since there might be an easier way and I'm just complicating things - the reason for this specific blog-masterpage is to disable the "Newsfeed", "SkyDrive" and "Websites" under the blog.
So is there any way to:
a) Change the link from the MySite-Creation in order to configure a masterpage with the solution mentioned in another post above?
or b) Perform the changes (mentioned here above) in a different way?

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