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Dynamically insert data into PDF possible?

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This is the scenario and I am hoping someone can advise whether it is possible.
We want to create a PDF fillable form. However there are a few fields that we want to be read only but to injected before the user downloads the PDF.
There is a PDF form called contact details. Only registered users can download this form. So what we are trying to achieve here is when the user logs on and downloads this PDF, server side we want to inject their details into this form so that it is read only.
In the lifestyle IDE there is a XML tab where I can see it drives the PDF.
Is there like a tool of some sort where I can dynamically update the XML source and regenerate the PDF?


Thanks sandeep for your quick reply.
My req is
Step 1:- invoke a webservice call and get the data from a website and store it into a table in xml format(CLOB column in a table)
Step 2 :- Pick the xml data from table inserted by step1 and derive all the element values from xml data usning some xml functions
2.1 go to configuration table(in this table we are storing the table name for each type of webservice call) and get the destination table name.
2.3 insert the data into destination table.
so our interface process is designed to serve for multiple interface webservice calls.it is not for a particular data.
so in future if someone else want to download some other data then they need to add the configuration data into config tables and should be able to achieve the data download into tables.
so step 1 and step 2 should be a coomon packages.
i am involved in 2nd package where pick the xml data and insert into a table(destination table form config tablke)
Thanks Ram

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