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Drive thinks DVDs burned in Finder are blank!

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my MacBook Pro thinks some (only some) DVD+r's burned on other Macs are blank when they're not. These DVDs always have the following things in common:
-the DVDs were burned using the Finder's built-in burn utility (as opposed to Toast or some other third-party application
-the DVDs all contain data (as opposed to being video or music, though I haven't tested with those)
-the media brand doesn't appear to matter. Neither does the particular Mac on which the files were burned
I know my DVD drive works with other DVDs of all types - this phenomenon is only happening with Finder-burnt DVDs
Help! Thanks!


My Powerbook G4 thinks some (only some) burnt CD-R's, burned on this mac (i dont know if they read in other computers, but my car stereo reads the mp3 music files i burnt on the CD-R's) are blank. So I burn a SONY CD-R, make sure it plays in iTunes, then I eject it. Then I reinsert it to make sure it will read before I delete the music from the computer. SO at some point down the road I try to listen to the music again from the CD-R and my computer thinks it is a blank CD-R. It used to do this alot and fail at burning all the time, until I started using SONY brand discs only.
I heard about a .plist file of some sort that gets in your ~/Library/SystemPreferences folders and messes stuff up by creating a virtual disk or some strange phenom i cant understand, that is created when we download mp4 to mp3 converters. I might have done that but I cant find it. What do I do?
and DO NOT tell me to go in system preferences then into CD DVD and change stuff to ignore or open this or that. That's not the problem. Also the disks are SPOTLESS. And some disks work so I dont think its a dirty laser lens thing. Somebody must have solved this problem b/c i see so many questions about it in these forums.

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