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Dreamweaver CS5.5 Crashing multiple times per day

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Hi All,
Can someone please help me with this.
Dreamweaver has been crashing about 1 or 2 times a day and I can't pinpoint why. This debilitating my working day. I've never has problems like this with the CS5 version.
I am runing Dreamweaver CS5.5 as a part of the masters collection. reciently purchased from the adobe site. and have updated fully post install.
macbook pro 15"
Os X 10.6.8
8g ram
132gb free harddrive space.
I've submitted crash reports every time it has happened with comments and my email and no one at adobe has contacted me whatsoever. This crash report system is starting to feel rather pointless.
I don't know what else to include, but if you have questions just ask.


NYTimes app is crash-prone for me too, even after the latest update to it and also updating my iPhone to 2.1. I had thought/hoped the crashes and slow updating of content on it were due to me being a long way from their content servers (as I am normally in Australia), but I have been in New York for the last couple of weeks and had the same issue there, even using the (quite fast) wifi in the Apple Store there.
Something I have noticed with the crash reports from NYTimes (which I have looked at on my iMac after they have been submitted to Apple by the sync process) is that in every one I have looked at, the memory usage by NYTimes at the time of the crash seems relatively big, so perhaps some data structure within it is running it out of room or overwriting part of itself during the updating - invariably my NYTimes crashes are during its (lengthy) updating.
Safari has always been pretty stable for me, but my browsing on my iPhone is fairly unadventurous (ie just a common set of sites I can check quickly every day); I read a lot more content on there via the NetNewsWire RSS reader (which syncs with my Mac) rather than really "surfing" a lot with Safari.
I'm afraid I've never used the Pandora Radio app (it isn't available in the Australian app store as far as I know). I did buy the "Tuner" application by Nullsoft though, and that works reliably for me.

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