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Dodgy download request on my mac desktop - post lion

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Hi all
I'm a bit concerned, I don't ever see rubbish like this on my mac - A POP up with no exit cues
I run ClamAx daily as I'm a Internet Marketer so pretty much live on this machine (and a pretty cool pc) all day and do plenty of downloading.
Ive got this pop up on my screen this morning
The options are Visit website  Update Later   Download Now
This is definately not right.  It has no label and no buttons to close or remove so I'm fairly sure its dangerous.
How do I get rid of this blasted thing?  I cant find out what or where it is?
Thanks for your help


Hi again - thanks for your help with this
I've heard that ituneshelper can be a virus - how do you find out if this is one?

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