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Digital Signature/Unknown Publisher

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So I was trying to download iTunes 10.5. The first time I did it a "digital signature" message popped up and then retarted the download, but it popped up again. I went on to this discussion board to find some help. Some discussions said to delete (remove) everything apple and restart the iTunes. I did this and now I am getting a message that says "unknown publisher" everytime I click the "run" button. I have tried to download this iTunes about 8-10 times in the past two days.
some discussions say to try Firefox, but I don't want to do that. My last resort is to call the tech support and ask them for help because last time this happened it took us about a couple of hours.
Thanks in advance!


How are you downloading iTunes?
Generally speaking it is best to download it from here:
Rather than using update. You need to save the file on your PC and run it from there.
If that doesn't work can your try another browser?
Also it might be worth restarting your router.

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