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Different Temperatures - which one is right?

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I have started trying Core Temp as a replacement to CoreCenter. The thing is Core Temp gives temperatures 2-3C below what CoreCenter shows, which I dont't mind too much. Anyway, when I run Stress CPU the temp deference increases, as shown here.
Any ideas why this 7C difference (sometimes more) happens and which one is right? System temperature is showing right as I have other temp probes floating about. Spec below, except I now have a FX-55 (ClawHammer). Got it free :D


Quote from: qyx on 28-November-06, 15:10:10
I don't understand how core temps could drop 5 degrees c. while temp of surrounding area remains the same.  Same loads, volts etc. as before I changed case fans (4x80 mm now and 2x120 before) and case (aluminium now, steel before).
That's what I'm wondering. I know my temps have been higher with the FX-55, but still doesn't explain how the core can be cooler. As for overall temps I'm planing on lapping the CPU and heatsink over the Christmas holidays (exams have to be done first     ), as I think the heat spreader on the CPU is a little higher around the edges.

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