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Deleting duplicate photos

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I am still using Aperture 2, on a Macbook Pro running snow leopard. I generally only look at and examine my projects (with folders and albums contained in them). The other day I took a look at my All Photos (in the library) and found that I had lots and lots of duplicates, and many triplicates of my photos (which don't show up in my albums). I have no idea how I got so many of them, but they must add up to hundreds if not a thousand or so.
I have started deleting the extras. Then I noticed that many of them are the original photo next to its edited photo. Is that normal? I thought that the originals were hidden somewhere and only the edited versions were in the library. Is this wrong? Should both of them be in the library? And, if I have deleted many of the unedited photos, have I eliminated the masters? Will my versions still be accessible, or am I ruining their presence by deleting the master (if indeed they are the masters). I realize that there are programs for deleting duplicates, but they are kind of expensive, except for Duplicate Annihilator, which won't run on Aperture 2.)
Please advise. Thanks for any help.


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