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Dark line across white menu bar space

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Something really weird just happened. Across the white menu bar (where it lists Finder and shows the clock, etc) there is now a somewhat faint black line. it's a few cm thick, and looks a little blurred. This is what happened prior to the line appearing:
I was downloading the latest update to Quicktime
I was trying to transfer a song from my iTunes library, as well as a video, to my iDisk.
I was adjusting the brightness of the screen.
The iDisk locked up... it said there was 5 secs. left of the transfer. Also, the updater said I had to restart the computer. I did this, but when I restarted the screen was really dark. I was playing with the adjuster, and the screen went black. I restarted again, and the brightness was ok... I still had to adjust it to make it lighter.
Now everything seems to be working ok (except my iTunes music file and video say they are in use by OSX and cannot be opened... I just deleted them)
but I have this crazy line across the top of the screen.
Please help?


Hey, thanks everyone. I am running Tiger on my iBook... I have Panther still on my iMac, but will probably upgrade sooner.
I am at work now (using Tiger as well) and notice the line here, too. I guess I just didn't notice it on the iBook until I had the little issue with the display brightness.
The line really doesn't make the bar look 3D, just sort of dirty. Oh well.
Thanks so much for the reassurance!!

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