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Customization in Advanced Search Area.

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Hi All,
There is a requirement in advanced search area of return orders.
Based on the transaction type selected, corresponding status values has to be populated.
Here im populating the transactio type values in the drop down list box and status value i have to populate in the value help/ drop down/ F4 application, but these status values should be populated based on the transaction type we have selected.
We are working on CRM 5.0 version, and i have done few things,here im listing out the steps.
1) For the Transaction type field i have enable the Roundtrip CS search option.
2) I have created a new ABAP structure for the transaction field(ZCS_Trans_Search).
3) I have appened this abap structure to the calling F4 application (Status F4 appln)
4) implementing the IF_CRM_BSP_MODEL_ACCESS_IL_2FILL_F4_STRUCTURE and IF_CRM_BSP_MODEL_ACCESS_IL_2CHECK ACTIVE_SHUFFLER methods, but still im not able to enter in to this methods in the debug mode.
These steps i have done with the ref to PCUI COOK BOOK 5.0 version, here im copying the steps given in PCUI 5.0 Context sensitive value help
The current complex value help is not fully context sensitive. It does not consider the information
the user has already entered on the screen, If it is present in different screen position or in different
line of a list than the field on which F4 is pressed. Thus, the value help often displays result set
which are not related in the current context. To make value help context sensitive following points
must be improved.
• The complex value help must consider the entries of relevant fields on the calling
applications screen as search criteria.
• The value help application should be enabled to set the value in the Search-Shuffler
depending on the current context.
• The application should be enabled to dynamically disable the availability of the value help
icon for a field.
To implement this feature for any field in the field group following steps to be performed:
1. New field group customizing flag is added the by checking this enables context sensitive
search for a input field. Field group customizing is called “Roundtrip CS Search”.
<Include the figure>
2. Determine the fields to be transferred to the value help application from calling application
and create ABAP structure from this fields.This structure is called “Context sensitive
screenstructure” (CS structure). Assign this CS structure to the complex value help
application which is associated with the input field. This is done in:
Transaction crmc_blueprint
Open the node “Application/Layout node “
Edit the value help application
Enter the name of the structure in the filed “Struct. For Context-Sensitive srch. Help ”
3. PC-UI FW takes the CS structure data from the calling application and defaults them in the
value help applications advance search screen structure. Include this CS structure to the
advanced screen structure of value help application to have the same fields of CS structure
and add the corresponding fields for the CS structure to field group of advance search.
4. Implement IF_CRM_BSP_MODEL_ACCESS_IL_2~FILL_F4_STRUCTURE in the calling
applications Model Access Class. In this method you fill the value in CS structure which will
be passed to the value help application.
5. Implement / or enhance if already implemented
applications MAC. This step is optional, With this you will be able to select the correct
shuffler based on the context sensitive data passed with new import parameters values to
this method.
Please do suggest me.. what are the things further i need to do..
REMEMBER: I have to do this implementation in the advance Search area.


As I understand, you would like to have more than 5 property filter in Advanced Search web part.
According to this article, it is one of the limitation in OOTB Advanced Search web part: "The property search doesn’t allow the users to specify more than 5 property filters." As workaround, "Reuse the OOTB Advanced Search UI’s hidden controls
that determines the search attributes (ASB_PS_…)". Please refer more information via:
Also, I find two articles about customizing the advanced search Webpart adding custom properties in case you need:
Rebecca Tu
TechNet Community Support

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