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CS5 5.0.2 Update - Transitions not Working

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So I just auto updated to Premiere CS5.0.2.  For the most part everything seems to work ok.
I have an nVidia 285GTX based graphics card so I use the GPU Mercury Playback Engine.
However, any time I try and use one of the accelerated video transitions (dip to black, dip to white, etc) I do not see the video from the two clips I have applied it to (just whatever is under that on the timeline--the next video track).
If I switch from Mercury GPU accelerated to the Software Renderer, then I can see the accelerated transitions just fine.
nVidia graphics card: 285GTX
Driver:  258.96
Windows 7 64bit
12GB Ram
Help.  Thanks,


Jarr1976 wrote:
Well, thanks all for the help.
I deleted the prefs file, reinstalled the drivers, updated the motherboards bios, and updated other chipset drivers.  Surprise--now the dip to white works.  Odd, no?  I'm not complaining--I just have no idea how it got fixed. 
To me, this underscores one of the issues of PC - you can get a variety of components from different vendors and while everything works in theory, these little things can crop up.  This is why doing the litany of things mentioned frequently by regular contributors is so valuable.
I'm glad for you that things are working well now!

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