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[CS4] How to get path from SPPlatformFileSpecification on mac ?

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Hi all,
sADMBasic->StandardGetDirectoryDialog() return the directory selected by user in SPPlatformFileSpecification type variable.
  when I select the any directory i.e desktop SPPlatformFileSpecification  structure contains the following  values--
short vRefNum =  -100
long parID        =   371658
unsigned char name[64] = '\0'
is there any API or alternatives which give the path as char or string like -  "/Users/User1/Desktop" from these values?


Try this:
SPPlatformFileSpecification spec;
// do sADMBasic->StandardGetDirectoryDialog()
ai::FilePath path;
sAIFilePath->SetFromSPFileSpec(spec, path);
Then talk to path to get your location. Hopefully that does the job. I've never used StandardGetDirectoryDialog() though, so for all I know its broken.

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