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Crash when I try to import

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When I click on 'Import' in Lightroom 4.3, the programe stops responding. I have tried restoring the last catalogue backup (15th Jan) but no difference.
Any ideas / suggestions most gratefully received!


Where are you importing from? Directly from camera?
In this case it can take quite a while before Lr becomes responsive again, and displays your images. Depending on your system's resources this can take quite some time.
Try again, and while Lr is not responding, do something else (catch up on e-mail, or take a coffee break). If after 10 min Lr is still not responding you have a problem.
In that case, try this: Import the photos via your OS to the location you want them to be, and import from hard drive into Lr. Since your images are already in the location you want them to be, you would select <Add> in the center top of the Import Dialog.
Or, alternatively, use a card reader.

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