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Consumming java webservices in coldfusion

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could somebody show me how to consume this webservice from
within coldfusion?
right now I invoke it as follows:
method="ZipCodeToCityState" ZipCode="12210"
returnvariable="returnedText" >
And this is what i get
[email protected] .
This actually has no meaning to me.


I'm just learning how to consume webservice stuff but this
should help as I got a result. See my code snippet below.
Basically I did some cfdumps to see what the objects look
like. This is from an empirical view as I don't understand yet. The
object comes back with methods. You then use those methods to get
values. I chose to use the getAnyType method. I did this as I used
another tool, soapscope from www.mindreef.com (30 day eval) which
really simplifies how to call webservices. It's worth the cost.
Basically I invoked the service via soapscope and looked at
the returned xml.
It looked like:
<ZipCodeToCityStateResponse xmlns="
<anyType xsi:type="xsd:string">Albany,
Note that the result was in a value of anyType. Thus I picked
getAnyType method
I hope this helps ya but I'm still quite a newbie to this.
This link help me understand a little more about webservice
Zip test WS Object
object of com.ripedev.xsd.ZipCodeResults_xsd.ArrayOfAnyType
Methods hashCode (returns int)
equals (returns boolean)
getSerializer (returns interface
getDeserializer (returns interface
getTypeDesc (returns org.apache.axis.description.TypeDesc)
getAnyType (returns java.lang.Object)
getAnyType (returns [Ljava.lang.Object;)
setAnyType (returns void)
setAnyType (returns void)
getClass (returns java.lang.Class)
wait (returns void)
wait (returns void)
wait (returns void)
notify (returns void)
notifyAll (returns void)
toString (returns java.lang.String)
Breaking down the object
1 Albany, NY

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