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Connecting to LCD Projector

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Before owning my current MacBook pro Core2Duo I had MacBook Pro CoreDuo and PowerBook G4. With these previous laptops I was able to connect to LCD projector no problem. Now I am in Japan in big business meeting trying to connect my newest MacBook pro to the same projector as was working with my older Mac and nothing. I tried mirroring on and off, change projector resolution, change display preferences. Nothing. I had to copy my PowerPoint to someone who had Dell PC and work off it.
Any idea how to fix MacBook Pro that it would work with LCD displays.


I had some trouble initially, too, but now I use the "detect displays" option and it usually works fine. Here are a few more tips copied below--these are not my own--but I forgot to make a note of who to credit.
Good luck,
Bill Durbin
Projector Troubleshooting
For some reason, Apple thinks it's important that you connect the VGA cable to the adapter first, and then the adapter to the computer, in this order. Have you done this?
Try forcing the MacBook Pro to re-detect displays by pressing F7 (or Fn+F7 if you have customized the function keys).
Go to System Preferences>Displays> and click on “detect displays.” Also go to Arrangement and then check the box that says "mirror displays."
Also try setting the resolution output to whatever the projector is (1024x768?).
"To detect the TV or other external device, hold down the Command (x) key and press the F2 key. You can also open the Displays pane of System Preferences and click the
Detect Displays button.
6 To adjust how the image is displayed on the device, use the Displays pane of System Preferences."

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