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Configuring PO Output

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hello, im having problems with putting smartform output depending of document type.
In SRM Server->Cross Aplication Basic Settings->Set Output Actions and Output Format->Define Actions for Document Output:
then in BBP_PD_PO->Action Definition: i have two actions (STANDARD_AV and STANDARD_PO)
In STANDARD_AV i have this http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/4526/nonamefg.jpg
in STANDARD_PO i have this http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/3299/nonamebm.jpg
As you can see only the name of smartform is diferent between them.
In the Condition-Dependent Document Output i have this: http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/4622/nonameto.jpg
and the only thing that is diferent between Purchase Order AV and Standard Purchase Order is the Start Condition in Purchase Order Av is &EC Purchase Order.Transaction Type&  = ZAV and in Standard Purchase Order is &EC Purchase Order.Transaction Type&  = ECPO.
my question is what im doing wrong because when request the preview of document of type ECPO everything is going ok...shows me the smartform ZBBP_PO but when i try to see a document of type ZAV show me the same smartform but i have there saying that i want to see the smartform ZBBP_PO_ZAV.
could someone help in anyway
regards and thanks in advance


I think your problem is because the action profile Z_* you have created doesn't take into account during execution.
My experience is that for BUS objects (so for POs BUS2201) only the standard action profile (for POS is BBP_PD_PO) is executed.
So I guess your custom settings was not taken into account.
What you can do is to create a new action definition beside the standard one (like copy STANDARD_PO into ZSTANDARD_PO).
Set the processing order, that the first one is the stnadard one and the second one is your custom one.
You have to define the actions in the next SPRO customizing point also, where you can add conditions that is taken into account during execution.
Now this action profile and its all action definition will be executed. Here you can set the execution time to be the doc save time.
And one last suggestion, always use the customizing to set SRM related PPF (and not SPPF* transactions)!
Hope this will help you.

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