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Color issues while printing photos

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I recently was able to successfully set up my iBook G4 wirelessly to my Windows-based Dell PC printer network (HP all-in-one printer). I've been printing documents and color banners etc. and everything looks great
I have also added my HP Photosmart 7660 to my G4 wireless printer list. However, when I go to print photos on glossy 4X6 paper, the colors are bright, but there is a red-ish filter over everything.
I had changed the cartridge just previously to printing with my iBook so I went back to the store and swapped cartridges thinking I may have gotten a bad one.
When I got home with the new one, I randomly tried printing a photo directly from my Dell and the colors were perfect. I tried again from my iBook and the colors were still wrong.
This led me to believe it was my computer and not the cartridge that was having issues printing the right colors. I looked in the Mac Help under colors + printing and saw some vague info on ColorSync and making sure your printer is set up correctly for it.
Does anyone have any light they can shed on the situation? Does it require downloading specefic software?


Howdy, Jesse,
Just a heads up - you might wanna check to see what driver you are using. Reason I say that is most host based printers are finnicky when it comes to networking (especially wireless) and typically they want to add to your printer list using Bonjour/Rendezvous or Appletalk. If you have added the printer as an IP printer, you may have it setup using a driver that is not designed for your printer (this may happen via Bonjour under some circumstances too). To check to see what driver your printer is using, go to the hard drive, then Applications>Utilities>Printer Setup Utility. Highlight your printer name then click Show Info and this info window should tell you the driver it is using. Also, you might want to check the printer manufacturer's website for a driver update - 10.4 is relatively new and the driver software you are using may be out of date. Or, you may want to setup the printer USB to yer Mac to rule out the network setup altogether. If everything looks on the up and up as far as the driver is concerned, you might wanna try a little bit of trial and error with varying the print settings. In the Print dialog box in iPhoto, go to Advanced Options, then click Copies & Pages and try to find the Quality and/or Color settings for your printer. Try varying color settings and also make sure that the proper media type you are using has been selected. Eventhough the printer is the same, remember that you are using different applications on completely different operating systems and this can definitely have an affect on the way color is interpreted.
Hope this sheds some light on the situation. Let me know how you make out.

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