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Changing Site Name

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I changed my sites name and now iTunes isn't finding my rss feed. How do I fix this? Do I resubmit my site to iTunes?


Yes you can get you're own www.personaldomain.com address. It is very simple to do this and you do not have to take your iWeb site off of the .Mac servers. There are quite a few third party hosts which you can buy a domain from, once you have purchased this domain, you just link it to your web address Apple give you to your purchased domain. Personally I have an iWeb site I've made located at web.mac.com/jgurbisz/iweb but I bought the domain http://www.vacantnewjersey.com from Yahoo Small business and linked it to my .Mac web address. And now when you type in the www. address it brings my iWeb page up.
Just keep in mind that when searching for a Domain Host, that they provide "Domain Forwarding" (almost all hosts do)
Also See This Post: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=4767580#4767580
Hope I could Help
Regards--- jgurbisz

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