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Change the Colour of the Text  Field

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Hi Friends,
I want to write a validate trigger for Form 6 , where there 2 Fields , 1.DAYTYPE, 2.NAME .
If the user select absent name field should get red else it should be normal . or in short (Conditional Formating).


This should work do u have any inherited visual attribute or any inherited back ground pls check for the item daytype if any red arrow from navigator of black arrow in the property pallet...
i want when the user open his form it shold hilight all the records with red Pls re-read my first post i said using Set_Item_Instance_Property only for one and only 1 record.
*To change the background color of an item in all record, when the user open his form pls paste the following in WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE:*
IF :dailyattendence.daytype='ABSENT' THEN
Set_Item_Property( 'item_name', BACKGROUND_COLOR, 'red');
END IF;Hope this works... :)

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