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Cannot see some UAR configuration tasks

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I am on GRC 5.3, SP9.  I see some of the configuration tasks for UAR; however, I cannot see the "REJECTION REASON" screen or the "UAR LOAD DATA TASKS" screen that the configuration manual mentions.  I have all of the AE role assigned to me.  Could this still be a security issue or are these older screens from 5.2 that are no longer available in 5.3?  If it is a security issue, does anyone know what security is missing?  I thought AEADMIN had everything needed for configuration.


Never mind.... AEADMIN was missing some authorizations for UAR configuration.  Once I added them, I see the config.
ManageUARLoadDataTask, ViewManageRejectionReasons, and a few others were not there.  I didn't update my roles when I went to SP9 so this is probably why I am missing some.

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