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Cannot find the configuration file in classpath

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Cannot find the configuration file /oracle/apps/prc/po/....applicationModule/common/bc4j.xcfg in the classpath.
I'm trying to run the following code:
String appModule = "oracle.apps.prc.po.manageDocument.uiModel.viewDocument.applicationModule.ViewPurchasingDocumentApplicationModule";
String cfg = "ViewPurchasingDocumentApplicationModuleLocal";
ApplicationModule applicationModule = (ApplicationModule)Configuration.createRootApplicationModule(appModule, cfg);
I get this error message:
Exception in thread "main" oracle.jbo.ConfigException: JBO-33001: Cannot find the configuration file /oracle/apps/prc/po/manageDocument/uiModel/viewDocument/applicationModule/common/bc4j.xcfg in the classpath
     at oracle.jbo.client.Configuration.loadFromClassPath(Configuration.java:430)
     at oracle.jbo.common.ampool.PoolMgr.createPool(PoolMgr.java:293)
     at oracle.jbo.common.ampool.PoolMgr.findPool(PoolMgr.java:557)
     at oracle.jbo.client.Configuration.createRootApplicationModule(Configuration.java:1334)
     at oracle.jbo.client.Configuration.createRootApplicationModule(Configuration.java:1312)
     at oracle.apps.prc.po.manageDocument.model.viewPdf.generateXml.getXMLData(generateXml.java:26)
     at oracle.apps.prc.po.manageDocument.model.viewPdf.generateXml.main(generateXml.java:39)
I have checked and the config file does exist in the correct directory, and I can see it in my Application Module - Configurations. Any idea why this is happening? Am I supposed to configure something specifically for this or add it in my classpath? If so, how am I supposed to do it?
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Where is the code you posted? Running in a separate project, I assume? Does that project have a dependency on the project containing the app module specified?
And just to check (although by default, JDev should do this for you)--the app module project has been compiled since adding the configuration, right? You need to check to make sure the config exists not only under Project/src, but under Project/classes.
Edited by: Avrom Roy-Faderman on Oct 6, 2008 2:02 PM
Oh, and BTW--I assume this is not a typical ADF application, right? In a standard ADF application, you would very rarely need to instantiate an application module in code like this; you could just let the data binding facility do it for you. The technique like the one you're using is most appropriate for purely programmatic, no-UI cases. (e.g., once I tried to implement an SMTP server backed by business components. That was an appropriate case for ditching databindings and doing the sort of thing you're doing, because it had no view layer (because it had no UI to render).

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