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Can't upload any files from my mac to the Internet

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I am new to Macbook, and this obviously never happened before
So, the problem is:
I can't upload any files from my Mac anywhere (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
I can't attach files to e-mails.
any files that are on my desktop, folders - they just turn in grey and I can't choose them.
The only way I can do it is by going to "ALL FILES" where I have to search through all the files that are on my Mac
Keep in mind that this is a glitch, because earlier it was all fine and normal
To see what I mean I am uploading a skreen shot of attemp of uploading files to Fb.
Can anybody help? Can it be some sort of virus?


Okay I had the same problem but I figured it out.  When you go to choose file, all the links are greyed out.  Use two fingers simulatiously and click down on the file you want, then choose "quick look" from the option menu.  This will open a preview of your document and make the open button usable.  Close the preview, and then select the open button. 
The site I was trying to use says it only supports IE, so maybe that is what causes the problem.
Hope it works for you!

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