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Can't shut down after opening Java Control Panel

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I'm just a regular guy with Windows ME and since I installed JRE 1.4.2_02 (for Mozilla 1.5), I can't shut down my pc after opening the Java Control Panel. Javaw.exe stays in memory (Norton System Information) even after the JCP has been closed. This was not an issue with 1.4.1 beta which I used for a long time. Then I could open the JCP applet and make adjustments (minor, just whether or not I wanted it to be able to cache applets etc.) then I would close it and nothing interfered with shutdown.
I have even tried Enditall2 and Sysinternals Process Explorer's close and kill functions and neither can close or kill Javaw.exe.
I have very little running in the background and never had shutdown issues until installing JRE 1.4.2_02 and it works fine other than this issue with JCP and shutdown.
Thankyou for any advice.


Gave up, went back to 1.4.1_05, shutdown problem solved.
Disappointed but at least Java works okay and I can adjust things in JCP applet without having to do the three finger salute twice each time. No more Javaw in memory when I close the applet.
Played with Java Web Start's demos, seem to work fine, I guess. Really don't understand what JWS is for, not for us non-programmers?

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