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Can't see network drive attached to AirPort

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Hi All
I'm a newbie Mac user (just got my MacBook Pro last Thursday, in fact-- OS X 10.5.7). While I've got most of my issues doped out, I'm running into a problem connecting to a network drive that's plugged directly into my AirPort Extreme. I have three Windows systems (running XP and Vista) that can attach to the drive with no problem, but I can't figure out how to mount the drive under OS X.
If I use the Finder and select the router under "Shared", the Finder just spins with the message "Connecting..." for ages until it times out.
If I try to attach to a server, that doesn't work-- I've tried all the protocols in various flavors. Everything times out. I do get the message that the server or password is incorrect, but I never see a prompt for a password, so I am not sure what's going on there.
In short, I'm stumped. When I open up the AirPort utility, and view the disk, the drive is attached-- it has a name, and it gives the correct statistics on used/free space. When I go to File Sharing, the checkbox for Enable File Sharing is clicked.
Any ideas?


Well, I'm stumped. I spent an hour on the phone with Apple support-- they ran through the scenarios I had already been through, and they came up with nothing useful. I ended up taking a second 160gb HD that was formatted NTFS, and formatted if for HFS+. This drive was visible through Finder. I took the same drive, formatted it for FAT32 and, surprise, surprise, NOTHING VISIBLE.
The "just works" philosophy is OK, but it's bunk when it comes to network drive support. I'm doubting the wisdom of this purchase now.
$2500 for a computer that can't connect to a network drive that can be seen by an $500 Dell laptop?
The issue simply seems to be this: put a FAT32 drive on another box, and it can be shared by Macs and Windows boxes.
Put that same FAT32 box on an AirPort Express, and my Mac is BLIND. It can't see the drive.

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