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Can't receive email all of a sudden

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I have had my iMac for a year now. I'm using system 10.7.5. I have had no problems with it at all until now. About a month ago I suddenly stopped receiving emails in one of my accounts. All the others worked fine. I didn't make any changes to it at all. All of sudden, when I clicked on the Send and Receive Mail button, the little wheel just turned and turned to the right of the email account and nothing happened. I called my ISP who told me everything was working fine on their side. They did notice that the account was logging in to pull mail, but it wasn't logging out again. They told me it was an issue on my side.
I deleted the account and re-added it and it made a difference for about 10 minutes and then stopped working again. I went as far as deleting that email account off of my server as well and creating a new one for myself, putting a forward on the old one so I wouldn't miss out on any emails. This worked for about 2 weeks and I thought it was fixed. Now, all of a sudden, I can't receive emails again. I seem to be able to send emails just fine from the offending account.
I receive them without any issues on my blackberry so it isn't my ISP. The problem is with my mac. I took all my accounts offline and back online 10 seconds later and still nothing changed. Now and then it will suddenly work but I will get ALL the same emails that I have been receiving over the last few weeks and NOTHING new. It's very odd to me but I'm really hoping someone will recognise this issue and be able to shed some light on the subject. I can't keep answering emails off of my blackberry so I need to fix this and I'm completely stumped.
Can anyone help?


Shut down the app and then Reset...
- From any Home Screen, double tap the home button to bring up the Recents List
- Tap and hold any icon until they wiggle
- Press the red to delete the Calendar app from this list.
- Press the home button twice when done.
- Reset... press the home and sleep/lock buttons until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slider. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.
- Restart Calendar

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