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Can iPod minis play movies- and can you put pictures on them?

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Hi everyone, I updated my ipod recently and I was wondering if i can download pictures and movies on my ipod mini. I tried cheking on the official site for info on the mini but there wasn't anything. Also in the movies section they didn't mention if ipod minis are compatible with it or not.
I'm really confused because my friend said i should be able to download my pictures on to it, but i don't even think my mini has colour.
If anyone can answer my questions it would be great! thanks, topaz
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The iPod Mini won't display photos or play video of any kind. The replacement for the Mini was the iPod Nano which has a colour display and will show photos which is possibly where the confusion had arisen. The second generation iPod Nano also has the wrap around aluminium body and comes in colours the way the iPod Mini did, in effect a mini Mini: Identifying different iPod models

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