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Can I use music in my podcast ?

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hi, im liam,
and im making a podcast with my friend now.
we used a part of 'Boss in Drama's song in our podcast for about a minute for bgm.
in this case, can't we publish our podcast?
plz help us !
thx !


If you use any copyrighted music or recording without obtaining permission you are committing a breach of copyright. This applies to any commercially issued recording less than 50 years old, so for example using your CDs in a podcast will get you kicked off by Apple if they notice it, and could leave you open to legal action by the copyright owners if they notice you.
A lot of people do it and get away with it. However there was a post on hear a bit back from someone who had used a recording without permission and was being sued for $25,000 plus expenses - I don't know what the outcome was, but I can't see that he had any defence.

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