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Can I save my iPhone sound preferences?

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When I am away from home with only my iPhone as my connection to home, I need to keep my ringer on at night but don't want to be disturbed by other phone sounds while I am sleeping. So each night I individualy turn off the sounds for emails, texts & voicemail & turn them back on each morning when I wake up. With IOS 7 it's even more cumbersome because I first have to pick the "classic" group of sounds before I can access the tri-tone & ding sounds that I like. Is there any way to store these preferences so that it's easier than doing each sound individually twice a day?


Use Do Not Disturb.
Create A contact group for family members and exclude that group in the Do Not Disturb settings.
You can then turn on DND from the Contol Center (swipe up from the bottom of the screen), from the Settings app or simply set it to a schedule.
iOS: Using Do Not Disturb - Support - Apple

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