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Can I create an iOS game using C++?

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I want to create games for iOS using C++ and Maya? Please help me. Tell me what I need to know. Thanks!


I do not have Flash CS6 (too many bug reports) but I use it perfectly fine in CS5.5.
What your error means is basically the libraries are not the latest and what it's trying to export to is a lower version than is supported. It runs on Desktop because you've updated your desktops AIR to 3.2 and have flash player 11.0 or better. For AIR for iOS, you need to make absolutely sure it is packaging with AIR 3.2 or higher. Flash CS6 might be targeting something below AIR 3.2.
Here are instructions for overlaying the latest version of AIR on Flash. This should give you an idea of what to check in your version of Flash. Go through the list item by item and check the files in the locations that are mentioned and make sure the versions are at least the same.
If you jump ahead to step 4 you should be seeing in those files a version="15". You should also see in step 6 that the namespace AIR is pointing to is at least 3.2. If either are lower you may need to update your version of AIR, and there are the instructions to do so. Although the AIR folder will probably not be named AIR2.6 of course. But the instructions should be similar.

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