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Can director open MX 2004 files?

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I just upgraded to Mac Snow Leopard. I knew that MX 2004 10.2 was not compatible, but I was using 10.1 and thought it would be okay. Well, Snow Leopard won't run 10.1 either. I also have Director 11 installed. Snow Leopard will run that one, but I can't open or convert any of the 10.1 files with Director 11 because Director crashes when I try to do that.
Does anyone know what might be going on here? Is there a way to open MX 2004 files in Director 11? I REALLY don't want to re-create all of my files in Director 11.


Hi Bob,
It probably doesn't matter what the error dialog says as it's unlikely to be something you can fix. I would suggest emailing Allen Partridge directly to make him aware of your problem: mailto:[email protected] and I'd also suggest logging a bug in the hope someone will take it seriously - the more noise you make, the more likely you are to get some traction. However, I'd advise against holding your breath and suggest you find someone able to convert your files for you - either on a Mac with an earlier OS (in case Snow Leopard has anything to do with it - which I think is unlikely), or on a Windows machine. Depending on file size I would be prepared to try one for you if that would help.

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