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Calculations and crosstab view customization

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hi All,
i am a beginner at olapi and BI beans. i am trying to understand if we can use bi beans to meet our users requirements. i have some questions here.
1. lets take sales measure. i'd like to define new measure or calculation that shows difference from january-2001. and i'd like to get something like this:
__________dec-2000 jan-2001 feb-2001
world -10 0 10
americas -2 0 2
asia -2 0 2
How could i achieve it with bi beans.
I'd prefer to avoid coding (using DML or olapi). i think it would be better to give users a tool to build such things.
2.How can hide some rows/columns in the crosstab.
For example i drill down to month but i want to hide data from all of them except january and december.
3.I looked through bi beans api and i found out that for example Query class implements 18 interfaces!!! Isn't something wrong with it? It seems to me that olapi and bi beans are a bit awkward.
Best regards.


regarding your calculations: eithe do it in the base deta or use the calculation bulder to achieve what you want (no need for dml/olapi coding)
for the suppresions: well just use the features of the querybuilder, especially the "add/remove/keep" choice you are offered: this way you can do this very easily. another way is based on scoping:thus data only visible based on group/single access
interface:whats wrong ? its due to java: you can derive from a single class, but are able to implement several interfaces ;)

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