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C6380 Unresponsi​ve. Multiple lights flashing. Screen is white.

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After several years of dependable use, my C6380 may be dead.  The following lights flash about every second: (small light by + sign, Print Photos, Red Eye Removal, On-Off and blue Wireless light.  Screen is white.  If I hold down Print Photos and On-Off buttons, screen changes to green with numbers 1 thru 5 in white.  Lights quit blinking (On-Off light and small light below memory stick opening are on).  On-Off does not work, must unplug.  Ink carriage does not move when cover is opened, so I cannot remove ink cartridges.  Is there help for this machine?


You can reset your printer by following the steps mentioned in this post:
But, this reset may reset all your wireless customizations as well.
Hope this helps.
I work for HP.

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