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BW report running slow

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We have reports build on one multicube and its is running very slow ..after entering selction paarameters it keeps running for long time even when i am running for one cal year/month but earlier it was running fine
we have compressed req of cubes which are in this MP
and moreover we have other reports also based on same MP they are running ok only problem with 1 report
can anyone pls tell what to check for ?also i tried executing in web same report there also it took lot of time
any quick helpa pprecaited


I faced a similar issue once. Upon investigating the execution plan, i found that the query was reading 0VENDOR Text multiple times because we had 4 or 5 different vendor partners displaying text. We moved those vendor partners into free characteristics and asked the users to drill down by those partners as needed instead of having it in the initial report view.
We also had an issue with reading UOM conversion tables and currency conversion tables at query run time. One query which did not use those conversion tables ran fine but one query which used those conversion tables on the same info provider was running real slow. We then moved the calculation in the transformations and then the report ran much faster.
These are couple of things i have noticed on my reports that were running slow.
You can run RSRT in debug mode. Select Query execution plan and Query Statistics. Both of these will give you wonderful insights into what really is happening when the query is executed.
The query statistics will tell you how many fact table records were actually read. The Query execution plan will tell you each table that is being accessed by your query.
Good Luck.

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