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Burning disc transforms NEF files into JPG

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Using the Finder method to burn a disc, I find that NEF files (from Nikon D300 camera) become JPG files. Or, at least, they have a .JPG extension (yes, capitalized, as opposed to lower case for jpg files), but they seem to be about the same size as the original NEF files (i.e. they do not appear to have been compressed. How do I burn a disc and keep them as .NEF files in the burned disc?
This is the procedure I used:
1. Insert a blank DVD disc into the computer drive.
2. Click OK in dialogue box that says "Open Finder."
3. Select the NEF photos in iPhoto and drag them to the DVD icon on the desktop.
4. Open the DVD icon and click on "Burn" icon.
5. Click OK in dialogue box that says burned disc will be compatible with Windows and Mac.
Am I doing something wrong? TIA!!


Try this workflow:
1 - in iPhoto select the photos you want to burn.
2 - go to the File ➙ Export ➙ File Export menu.
3 - select Format = Original
4 - select Title = whatever you want, the original file name or some other name.
5 - export to a folder on the Desktop.
6 - burn that folder which will contain the original RAW files to disk in the Finder.
That should get the RAW files on the disk as you want.

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