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Bunch of brand new mail problems

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Mail has worked great from day 1 (6/29) until two days ago. I have been getting a fairly constant progress indicator at the bottom of the screen "Sending x of 24" while the iPhone apparently is sending something. When it completes, it signals with the sent mail sound and then at some point may start "Sending x of 17" and the process starts again. I am also getting regular, but not constant, error messages about SMTP server failures with my .Mac account, Earthlink account, and corporate IMAP account. Yet, I had nothing in my Outbox and nothing new has shown up in any of the Sent Mail folders.
I turned on Airplane Mode to stop the apparent SMTP connections, but the "Sending x of y" indicator continues at the bottom with the little activity indicator next to the airplane icon spinning happily away. When it is done sending, again the sent mail sound plays. Is it really still connected in airplane mode?
I have power cycled the phone and while in airplane mode decided to try sending two emails through my Earthlink account. The first one was entered but never showed up in the Outbox and not in my account to which I sent it. Message two is still there and the Outbox reads as (-6) messages! Going to the Inbox now states 4294967290 Unsent Messages. Obviously an unsigned long is being used to keep track of the outbox message count.
So, I just turned off airplane mode and received two copies of each of the test messages I sent. And the "Sending x of 16" is now active again with only 4294967288 Unsent Messages.
The recent update was applied.


It sure sounds like something funny is going on. I have come to believe that the mail account configuration is susceptible to some sort of corruption. There have been too many examples of "weird" behavior that is fixed when the accounts are deleted and recreated.
I would recommend deleting your mail accounts and recreating them, and see if the problem persists.

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