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Has anybody else had the same experience as me?  I placed my order for BT infinity mid July, the hub arrived on the 22nd all duly installed and running like a dog, called to upgrade as per the telephone conversation on the initial order, tracked the order on the day of installation, No Order available, called and after waiting 30 minutes to get through was told the order had been cancelled by the system and that a new order would be placed but I now couldn't have an Openreach engineer for another 10 days!!!!  Tracked the order again, same thing, this has now happened to me 11 times.  One day I had to place 3 consecutive calls coz they left me on hold for 50 minutes (Twice) and the phone disconnected.  I can't decide weather to laugh or cry.  This morning I have called as per the last instruction "if you don't hear from us etc" was told that they were doing a system upgrade and no orders could be placed.  What in the middle of a working day, one of the worlds largest telecom providers does a system upgrade oh please.  Seriously BT you need to get your provisioning systems in order, your customer service teams whipped in to shape and stop doing system updates during the day.  In the meantime I have broadband that is running at 3mg if I'm lucky, which does not help one iota when I work from home.  Shocking shonky service


Hi Hibbitt110,
Sorry to hear this. If you fill out the contact us form located in the about me section of my profile we will look into this for you.
BT Mod Team
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