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Breaking the string into different columns

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Hi Guys,
I need to break the following string into different columns
I am trying to write it using instr and substr , but having some issues .
Is there any other way to do this. If not can someone help me , below is the query that i am working on
SELECT SUBSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007', 1, INSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007', '.', 1) - 1) col1,
SUBSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007',
INSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007', '.', 1) + 1,
INSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007', '.', 1, 2)
- INSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007', '.', 1)
- 1
) col2,
SUBSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007',
INSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007', '.', -1, 2) + 1,
INSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007', '.', -1, 1)
- INSTR ('XXXXXX.0001.09011.0001.00002.03.0004.0005.0006.00007', '.', -1, 2)
- 1
) col3
from dual
It is very urgent.
Thanks in advance.


npejavar wrote:
It is very urgent.
It doesn't look urgent, you could simply read the manuals for instr and substr or describe any issues or errors you are having, or post sample data so people could help you more easily, or format your code so it is more readable, but you don't bother to do any of those things so if it isn't important to you to extend any effort, why would it be important to us?
If it was really urgent it would be a violation of the conditions of use of these forums.
4. Use of Community Services
Community Services are provided as a convenience to users and Oracle is not obligated to provide any technical support for, or participate in, Community Services. While Community Services may include information regarding Oracle products and services, including information from Oracle employees, they are not an official customer support channel for Oracle.
You may use Community Services subject to the following: (a) Community Services may be used solely for your personal, informational, noncommercial purposes; (b) Content provided on or through Community Services may not be redistributed; and (c) personal data about other users may not be stored or collected except where expressly authorized by Oracle

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