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BO 4.0: Database error:Unable to connect to SAP BW server Incomplete logon

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Hello Experts,
I have enabled a 'SSO to database' between SAP BW and Business objects by referencing to the documents related to below link.
I have created a universe connection with option 'use single sign on when refreshing reports at view time' and have created a universe on top of my BEx query by log-in to the universe designer tools using my LDAP account.
Now when I run the report with either SAP account or LDAP - I am able to run a adhoc webi report on this universe and get data either through the webi rich client or via BO 4.0 Info-view/Launch Pad.
But the issue is that when other users are trying to run webi queries on this universe either through Info-view/launch pad or rich client by log-in via LDAP Authentication - they get the below error: I have given SAP_ALL to this user for time being and also have done the necessary configuration for 'simple user format' in CMC so these user has 1 account with 3 alias definitions: Enterprise, SAP, R/3.
Database error: Unable to connect to SAP BW server Incomplete logon data -
If the user logs on into the BO 4.0 Info-view/launch pad or webi rich client using his SAP authentication than he is able to run and retrieve data.
I also get a dump in the SAP BW system - I analyzed the dump in SAP BW using st22 tcode and it gives the error short text as - Incomplete logon data and run-time error - CALL_FUNCTION_SIGNON_INCOMPL
Desired outcome:
I want the users to log-in to webi rich client or BO 4.0 Launch pad/Info-view using their 'LDAP' authentication and run reports against the universe on SAP BW/BEx query without any errors or additional username/password requirements.
Can someone please tell me if I am missing any steps/configuration and guide me to achieve the above mentioned desired result ?
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks & regards,


Whether your problem is solved?
We have the same problem in BO Mobile.
Two users from one BW-role, BO-groups; one user report is executed, another user - error incomplete logon data. In Web Intelligence both users reports succeeds.

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