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Blue Screen Error on Satellite A100-920 (PSAA9)

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I had a blue screen error during normal use and after restart, Windows suggested updating the BIOS, so I updated it with the latest version (5.10). The next day, I got another blue screen and on restart, Windows suggested I update my display drivers, which I did (to ver. 8.241)... I have an ATI Radeon X1400 GPU. After doing that, the computer crashed every time it loaded windows, with a popup about services.exe telling me the computer would turn off in 60 seconds.
I assumed this was related to the display driver, so I replaced the drivers with an earlier-dated version (8.241-034065C). After I did this, it seemed to work and I could use the computer fine for a bit, even play games such as GTA but i am starting to get the blue screens again, usually just when opening folders, etc and not when running graphics-heavy applications. The problem definitely goes away when I disable my display drivers, but that's not much of a solution.
I turned off the reboot on error setting and this is the information from the blue screen of death:
*** STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005,0xEE6DF5E9,0xBAD2F99C,0x00000000)
*** system32:huy32.sys - Address EE6DF5E9 base at EE6DD000, Datestamp 45abe717
Does anyone have any idea how I can sort this problem, it's driving me crazy!
I have downloaded the Omega drivers for the card, but am slow to install them as I hear they can cause overheating and I think ATI/Toshiba should be able to provide me with a solution without me having to use third party drivers.


I have Network Associates (McAfee) v. Enterprise 8. I ran a full virus scan with this and windows defender and a worm stinger utility and another microsoft app whose name I forget... all came up clean.
I tried the omega drivers out of frustration and they cause services.exe to terminate.
Could it possibly be a BIOS issue? I'm not sure how likely it is, since the computer definitely works with the display adapter enabled and will usually crash (BSOD) after anything from a few mins to a few hours with it enabled. I seem to be getting two types of reply from microsoft on restart, one saying there is a general driver fault and one saying there is a display driver fault and suggesting updating the display drivers.

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