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Black screen instead of Desktop Windows XP on Satellite A100-455

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I have now a permanent problem with my Satellite A100-455 laptop since it didn't shutdown properly (in fact it stopped when the battery was out...).
Now systematically when I try to start the laptop, after the Toshiba and Windows XP family logo the screen remains black (only the mouse arrow works), the Windows desktop never displays!
Even with a F8 mode, I tried some options without success...
What can I do ?
Do you think the only solution is the recovery of the system with the original recovery CD delivered with the Laptop?
Thanks in advance for your help.


hi deirdra
looks like you have to install your system again. using the recovery-cd is a good idea.
but be aware you could *loose data*! depending on the recovery mode.
when you are not able to start your operating system by pressing f8 you are in trouble.
maybe you can test it with a system-on-cd to check if it is a hardware problem.
in my oppinion there is a problem that depends on software...
try to choose "known last good" configuration
and / or "f5" instead of "f8"on booting into your os.
try to boot without battery only with ac-power on.
let me know if any of the suggestions worked for you.

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