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Because The Light Of My Macbook Screen Went Out

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Hello everyone. I have a normal macbook with 2GB of ram. dual core processor.2.4 the macbook is 13 inches. Well the fact is that I have a 30 gb ipod! I'm lovingthe apple. and I have restored and installed with the disk utilities mac osx leopard.in the ipod of 30 gb is fine throughout. then. I start the Mac from the iPod. and start uploading. after climbing .. Light turns off the screen. Back. the menu is theinstallation of mac osx the pc is on. but the light is off .. not because if she worksfine and normal ... only me off when I go to format ..
Adiocional information. : I have the Macbook connected and well charged. And settings. Battery. Normal.
Help me ... I await your response. My Mail is enrique.0203 @ hotmail.com
Thanks ..


Juan...  This is very difficult to understand.  You may have better luck if you post in your native language as someone may be able to better understand what you're asking.

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